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    Release MXProgrammer V1.03 in August 2011
    2012-08-08 08:00:00

    Release MXProgrammer Beta in December 2010 

    Release MXProgrammer V1.00 in March 2011

    Release MXProgrammer V1.02 in June 2011 

    MXProgrammer PLC Programming Environment

    High-efficiency Programming and Transplanting 

          Three Programming Languages 

    Support the three programming languages of ladder diagram, command listing and sequence functional diagram, and the three languages can be converted with one another. For the conversion of the ladder diagram and the command listing, the notes can be kept.

           Multiple Main Program Function 

    Many main programs can be established in a project, all main programs are circularly scanned in sequence in each scanning cycle, and in the bigger and more complex system integrating projects, the multiple main program function can contribute to the modularization of the complex projects.

           Program Import & Export Function 

    Main programs and subprograms can be imported and exported for repeated use in different projects, and rewriting them is unnecessary.


    The subprogram parameters are categorized into three types: In, INOUT and OUT, the input/output parameter can be set, if the name of a subprogram is changed, the name of this subprogram called in the project will be automatically changed, and the manual change is unnecessary.

             Global Variable Table 

    Elements of different types are of pagination display; for the SM element and SD element, the manual noting is unnecessary; the global variable table supports import/export, which makes customers much conveniently manage project files.

          Local Variable 

    The program supports the local variable, and in each program, 64 local variables are supported for the word element and the bit element respectively.

    Practical and Convenient System Configuration Function 

    Provide configuration windows of various functional modules in the system configuration, which is simple and direct-viewing, and the command programming is unnecessary. For special modules, the data storage address is unnecessarily defined, the operation of the BFM zone is done by the reading/writing of the U element, and the FROM/TO command is unnecessarily used.

    Flexible Debugging Method 

    MXProgrammer provides many debugging means of writing in element values, forcing elements, cancelling forcing, etc., and functions of element using table, cross reference table, monitoring table and command cancelling.

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